Personal Accident Insurance

with & without premium refunding

The purpose of Personal Accident insurance

The main reason why anybody should consider to invest money in a personal accident is to receive financial help in the event of a severe injury as a result of an accident, illness or if the insured person suffers a fatal accident.

General Benefits

  • Lump-sum payment in the event of disability
  • Progression in the event of full disability
  • Lump-sum payment in the event of death
  • Hospital per diem allowance
  • Interim money
  • Pension

Additional Benefits

  • Accident caused by an illness or weakness
  • Intoxication (e.g. caused by alcohol)
  • Premium-free in the event of the policy holder passing away
  • Self-inflicted injuries caused by exertion of force
  • Self-inflicted injuries caused by making a wrong movement
  • Death or injury caused by frost
  • Suffocation / Drowning
  • Gas poisoning
  • Food poisoning
  • Dread diseases (e.g. heart attack, stroke)
  • Infectious diseases
  • Vaccine damages
  • Insect bites / stings
  • Civil commotion (only if passively involved)
  • Acts of terror (covered in combination with war or civil war)
  • Hospital per diem allowance abroad (same as inland but the daily allowance is doubled)
  • Hosptial per diem allowance as a day-patient
  • Hospital per diem allowance as a coma patient (30 Euros per day)
  • Recuperation cash (The same days you spent in hosptial you will get again as an additional payment)
  • Rooming-in (up to 60,- Euros per day)
  • Psychological treatment (up to 1.000 Euros)
  • Rescue of man and property (bodily injuries are covered to save life or salvage property)
  • Additional payment of 20.000 Euros to cover the costs of a severe disability
  • Additional one-off payment as house owner, e.g.:
    • 50.000 Euros in the first year of possession
    • 45.000 Euros in the second year
    • 40.000 Euros in the third year
    • 35.000 Euros in the fourth year
    • 30.000 Euros in the fifth year
  • Racing events with motorised vehicles (generally just kart racing)
  • Radiation damages
  • Scuba diving injuries
  • General poisoning of children up to the age of 14
  • Dental treatment (prosthesis)
  • Evacuation and repatriation
  • Domestic help (if a partner or parent is also insured)
  • Long Term Care (all 3 levels)
  • Cosmetic operations
  • Re-convalescence treatment (cures)
  • Additional payment for disability-expenses in the event of a full disability
  • Re-education costs, should the insured person have to learn a new profession
  • Orphan's allowance
    Generally only if both parents pass away within one year due to the same incident. In these cases the insured child will receive a pension in form of the gross annual premium multiplied by 50.
  • Broken bones
  • Cancer